Covid-19 Safety
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We are committed to keeping dancers safe and dancing during the global
pandemic of Covid-19. Please read our specific safety procedures
For the 2020-2021 dance year, we will follow the Lincoln-Lancaster Country Health Department's Covid-19
Dashboard for guidance:
  • If we are in the green, classes will all be held in-person, without a mask requirement (unless the city still has the
    mandate from the mayor).
  • If we are in yellow, classes will all be held in-person, with a mask requirement (pending city
  • If we are in orange, classes will be held in-person, with a mask requirement (pending city mandates).
  • If we are in red, classes will be offered in-person with possible online options for those who wish to stay home.

Since the information is always changing, our responses are subject to fluidity. We will always be making the safest
decision we can to allow for dancers to have class and reduce risk to our families.

Our refund policy will remain the same. Once tuition is paid, it cannot be refunded. If we are holding a spot for your
dancer in class, the tuition is due and we will hold classes (in person or online as noted in the above situations)

Dancers who choose to start the year late or miss a session are not guaranteed a spot back in the same class, so
we encourage dancers to follow along with the same class(es) the entire school year as our season runs. That is
also the best way for them to stay up-to-date with the class curriculum.

We appreciate your support of our local small business! It is our loyal dance families who have kept us in business
for 34 years and through this global pandemic. We are thrilled to continue to teach the LOVE of dance at HART!
Updated as of March 23, 2021