Curriculum and Dress Code
Curriculum. (All classes meet once per week, unless otherwise specified.)

PRE-COMBO (Ballet and Tap for 3.5-5 years) A creative movement class for the beginner. Children and enjoy Doll Day once a month. We work on large motor skills,
basic ballet positions and pointed and flexed feet. The learning is all disguised to keep your student motivated. Self-expression through music and movement is
highly encouraged.

COMBO (Ballet and Tap for 5-8.5 years) A combination class for the beginning or continuing student. They take turns being “Dancer of the Day” and learn the
basics of both ballet and tap, with a slight emphasis on ballet. This is a great starter class as it gives the student a taste of each dance form for preference and skill

BALLET (8+) The separate ballet class is ideal for the younger student who wishes to concentrate on ballet. It can be paired with a Ballet/Pre-Pointe class or with a
separate Tap, Jazz or Hip-Hop class for style variety. It is necessary for the future pointe student.

BALLET/PRE-POINTE (9+) This class is designed for the serious ballet student and is a must for the pointe student. Students are given a lengthy barre to establish
proper body alignment, turnout and increase foot and ankle strength. At this age, students should be dancing in a ballet class at least twice per week. Students may
need to be enrolled in this course more than one year as each student develops differently. Students receive a conference with the instructor to advise them of their
progress, discuss strengths and goals for pointe preparation.

BALLET/POINTE (12+) The longer ballet technique class offers students concentrated barre and center work to continue their ballet training. Pointe shoes (with
permission by Tracey) may be worn for a portion or all of the class period but are not a requirement. Students must be placed on pointe shoes and take Intro to
Pointe before they will wear the shoes during this class.
For some levels, a Pointe Technique class is added to the schedule to concentrate on proper pointe work.

TAP  (7+) Created for the student to continue their tap education, this class concentrates on tap technique but adds today’s dance styles with a variety of music. For
the intermediate and advanced tap dancer we study wings, pullbacks, syncopation, and other turning, challenging combinations while emphasizing speed and clarity.

ADULT TAP We specialize in adult and senior citizen tap classes. We offer classes for the beginner through the advanced tapper, whether just for the exercise or
dying to perform. We’re very proud of our performing Shim-Sham Senior Tap Troupe, where all members must be at least 55 years of age.

ADULT DANCE You asked for it, so come dance! Geared for the
advanced beginner, this class will feature different styles but focus on Ballet & Jazz.

HIP-HOP (7+) Current “street” styles and pop music mix for a fun, energetic class of warm-up, tricks and choreography.

ALLET (10+) If we had our way, every student would have to be enrolled in a ballet class before jazz; however, this course will give them great ballet
basics with a focus on jazz technique.

7+) Students will learn jazz technique, including leaps and turns, proper stretching and performance skills while increasing their flexibility and strength.

MINI JAZZ (5-7) Students looking to take another style at an early age can add Mini Jazz to their Combo class for a fun start to jazz technique and choreography.

JAZZ (7+) Musical Theatre is a multiple disciplinary field that requires a well-rounded performer. This stylized jazz class will focus on technique and
choreography that prepares the dancer for theatrical-style work, as well as the actor who is looking to improve his or her audition.

1+) The expressive combination of choreography and technique with emphasis on emotion, performance and creativity. Dancers must be
enrolled in ballet. Our contemporary classes include lyrical and modern
foundations. The teachers are rotated for a variance in style and approach.

REPERTORY CONTEMPORARY This class is by invitation only. There are strict guidelines for attendance and participation. Students invited to participate must be
serious dancers who take at least two ballet classes per week in addition to this course. There will also be outside education and performance opportunities required
for these students. If you are interested in this program, please discuss with Aly. Participation in Ballet and Contemporary are both prerequisites to be considered.

CHEER/POM (7+) Students will learn cheerleading motions, jumps and techniques and practice pom choreography, chants and yells.

ACRODANCE (8+) Students will add components of gymnastics that are applicable for dancers such as flexibility, strength and tricks.

EAPS & TURNS (9+) This class is great for dancers who want to add to their technical toolbox. The class will include warm-up exercises that focus on flexibility and
core strength to prepare for across the floor drills that enhance skills like change of body weight, spotting and use of floor space, while of course working on all levels
of leaps, jumps, kicks and turns.  

COMPANY CLASSES For our advanced dancers, we offer Company classes in ballet/pointe technique, contemporary, tap and jazz. These classes are for students
with superior talent, dedication and attendance. These classes are by invitation only and attendance is monitored.

HeART AND PART WORK (12+) Dancer-cise to energetic music and get a workout while having a blast with Tracey!
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Dress Code.
Dress codes are enforced and are an important element of proper dance instruction. Dress codes vary by class type, level and
age of dancers, so please
download our policy. Hair must be secured away from the face at all times. Gum or excessive jewelry
is never allowed.